Today we are helping the community to reach out to help others.

10% of company profits will go to charities, schools in need.

Grow your crypto portfolio with us as we pay with crypto.

Get Started With BitBaton

Our program is very simple and straight forward. Simply follow the steps below to get started.


1. Create your account.

Click on the join button to register a free account. Once you have registered, all you need to do is make a deposit. Min of $100

2. Activate you account

Once you have made a deposit to your account. All you need to do is activate your account. You can get 1 to 10 positions at a time which will help you earn multiple times.

3. Receive and Enjoy!

With our powerful straightline system and comp plan, you will be able to cycle out of your position in no time. NO REFERRING IS REQUIRED to receive donations. Each position you have, you will receive $150 when you cycle.

More About Us


We have a very powerful straight line cycle comp plan where everyone earns. We use a company forced model where everyone is joining one straight line. When 2 people land under you, you earn $150. When you refer someone which is optional, you earn a $20 bonus. Each member can purchase up to 10 positions per transaction. Watch the video for more information or click on read more for our power point presenation.

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Worldwide Members

See below our live feed of members joining from around the world. Very exciting!


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